LeagueCityLS – Guest Contributor
Jun 16 2020

Home safes are not just for the rich and powerful; that’s television and movies talking! We see endless entertainment shows portraying a mogul or head of state slipping away from his high powered guests to slyly open a home safe to add or remove precious gems, weapons or stacks of cash. Increasingly, home safes are becoming mainstream and every day locals are now adding them to their residences in order to better secure their valuables. Is a home safe in your future? It just might be! 


You can put just about anything you want in a home safe. There’s no correct or wrong way to use them. These safes are perfect for storing cash, important documents, prized mementos, guns, jewelry, flash drives, passports, family photos and anything else that you deem important. Safes can be prominently displayed in your home where they can double as a conversation piece or they can be discreetly tucked away so that only close friends and family even know of their existence. Home safes come in a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, wood and others. You can choose the way your safe locks, too. There are dial locks, keypad locks, key slots and even biometric locks that require a thumbprint to open the unit. Here at League City Locksmith we offer a large selection of home safes for our local customers. You don’t have to live here in League City, Texas in order to learn about these useful appliances. You can read this page and do some simple additional research on your own. We’ll also reveal an affordable and smart choice for procuring a home safe later on if that’s what you decide to do. 

Home safe placement and contents 

It’s a given that your home safe goes inside your home, but where exactly? That’s up to you – each home and security need is different and you really should think about your particular situation before actually buying or installing one. Room sizes and functions have a lot to do with where you ultimately place your safe so be sure to consider those. Also up to you is what you actually place inside your safe. The most obvious item is cash. We have banks and ATM machines all over League City, TX but that doesn’t mean that you want to leave the house to access one. It’s nice having access to cash whenever it’s needed or wanted by simply opening your safe and removing it. You can use cash for medical emergencies, tips, children’s allowances, charitable donations, pet bills, yard sale purchases and many other things. Your safe’s contents can also include ancestry reports, tax records, old photos, passports, key codes, combinations, gift certificates, security badges, jewelry, art, guns, flash drives, software, insurance documents, appraisals, deeds of trust, IOU’s, birth and death certificates, car registrations, rare coins, silver and gold bars, and anything else you deem valuable. 

Did you say guns? 

Yes, your home safe can also double as a gun safe. If you have a large collection of firearms, you should probably opt for a real gun safe for practical reasons but if you have a pistol or two and they fit, you can certainly add them to your home safe. A loaded weapon should not be left where others can easily access it and whether you have a gun for protection or as a collectible item, you should take proper care so that both the gun and your loved ones are protected. 

Won’t my file cabinet do? 

Not really – file cabinets are locked by minimal security cam locks or regular file cabinet locks; both are easy to bypass and are not good for securing cash or sensitive material. The same goes for desk locks – they are easy to force open and offer little in the way of security for your valuable documents. We recommend putting files and papers in desks and file cabinets that only need basic protection and filing. Any other, more important papers should be secured in a home safe. 

Will having a home safe make me a target? 

No – a home safe will not automatically make you a target. Just be discreet about your purchase and your safe’s contents. There really is no need for the neighbors, your friends, your co-workers or even your relatives to know all about your safe and what you choose to put in it. The more you talk, the more likely you are to be robbed or have your house broken into later. Use your best judgement and keep conversations about your safe to a minimum. Should you get home insurance? Absolutely! Most home owners policies should cover your home safe and don’t forget to insure and itemize its contents when drawing up or amending your policy. 

A great source for home safes! 

Earlier, we said we’d reveal a good source for getting your home safe and here it is; your locksmith! Not just any locksmith will be able to help. Call a full service, residential or commercial locksmith that is licensed, bonded and insured. An established locksmith shop will be able to offer a large selection of home safes in all price ranges and styles. In addition, they can advise you on contents, placement within your home, your choice of locks, and they can even help with set up and delivery. Should your safe need service or maintenance of any kind down the road, who better to provide it than your locksmith? 

What about a safe store? 

Most stores specializing in safes only sell them. There is a middle man markup involved and they usually can provide little in the way of advice or professional consultations. Unless you are speaking to the owner (many times not even then!), the sales help behind the counter will have little knowledge of the product line or be able to offer solutions to any problems you may have. The same goes for safes bought in hardware stores or home improvement stores. Stick with a good locksmith and get everything from one trustworthy source!